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The Gandon-Masséna district (1987-1994)

Renovation of the Gandon – Masséna district is part of a wider programme to redevelop and upgrade the area around Porte d'Italie.

From the very outset, when the PAZ (zone development plan) was first approved in 1986, the aim was to place plant life centre stage.

The two-hectare block was therefore structured around a new 7,500 sq.m. garden, named Jardin Juan Miro. The new surrounding buildings of moderate height link up and blend in seamlessly with the existing structures.

Designed by the landscape artist Liliane Grunig-Tribel, the garden offers a wide variety of areas and light. The varied and colourful plant life is set off to delightful effect by water features. The undulating terrain and general layout, hosting play areas, walkways and paths, make it a vibrant space boasting a whole host of different atmospheres.

168 housing units (103 PLA* of which 20 studio-housing units and 65 PLI**) have been created along the internal roads and around the garden together with 11 artists' studios. Two office blocks (8,530 sq.m. and 594 sq.m. of commercial outlets) have been built along Avenue d'Italie.

The Passage Raymond has been redeveloped and a pedestrian route now runs between Avenue d'Italie and Rue Gandon

* prêt locatif aidé = assisted rental housing loan

** prêt locatif intermédiaire = intermediary rental housing loan

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