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The Château des Rentiers district

In the 1980s, the Château des Rentiers district hosted a large number of dilapidated constructions, some of which lay vacant. At the time, extensive municipal land was being freed up and the Paris municipality was focused on redeveloping these sites and upgrading amenities and public spaces.

So it was that on 15 December 1987, the Paris municipality created the Château des Rentiers ZAC (mixed development zone) in a bid to define a coherent urban development primarily made up of housing units and business premises (small trades, services, artistic and production activities).

On 11 July 1988, the PAZ (zone development plan) was approved by prefectoral order. On 29 December of that same year, the ZAC was entrusted to SEMAPA and the coordinating architect who won the competition was Olivier le Boursicot from the LLTR agency. Work began on buildings and public highways in 1989.

In 1997, the PAZ was amended:
- recomposition of a sizeable plot of land housing the Centre Nicolas Flamel;
- creation of a new public amenity, the school on Rue du Château des Rentiers.

The scope of the Château des Rentiers ZAC, covering 6.3 hectares, is widespread. It forms part of an existing urban fabric either side of a main axis extending from Rue Marcel Duchamp to Rue de l'Amiral Trolley de Prévaux. This new east-west link from the Rue Nationale to Rue de Patay was created to facilitate relations and journeys of local residents and users. The zone also takes in Rue du Château des Rentiers, Rue Albert, Rue des Terres au Curé, Villa Nieuport and Rue Eugène Oudiné.

Development of the Château des Rentiers district respects the urban fabric and restores a certain uniformity and continuity to the buildings lining the streets and at the heart of the block through adoption of moderate heights and volumes. The streets and public spaces are structured in three successive sequences factoring in the specific features of the site's geography, most notably the significant incline between Château des Rentiers and Rue de Patay. On Rue Jean Fautrier, planted steps offer access to the different levels.

Although Rue Nationale and Rue du Château des Rentiers remain open to traffic to ensure local access to buildings, the adjoining streets are intended for pedestrians.

The budget for expenditure on this operation is € 120m.

The developments

Public amenities:
- a creche with 60 places,
- a mixed-use school of 10 classes (nursery and primary),
- a public garden (3,000 sq.m.).

Social, medical and educational amenities:
- "Relais de la Poterne des Peupliers" : hostel for the homeless (5,500 sq.m.),
- "Relais des Carrières": back-to-work centre (6,000 sq.m.),
- specialised hostel with 36 beds (MAS),
- two work-assistance centres (CAT),
- "Coeur de Femmes" association,
- the "L'élan retrouvé" post-cure centre.

- 600 housing units (subsidised funding),
- 200 housing units (private funding),
- 25 artists' studios.

Commercial outlets and businesses:
- 2,000 sq.m., i.e. 20 to 25 independent premises.

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