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Completed operations

The Lahire district, the Chevaleret - Jeanne d'Arc district, the Gandon - Masséna district and the Château des Rentiers district.

The Chevaleret - Jeanne d'Arc district (1986-1994)

The ZAC (mixed development plan) was approved by the Council of Paris in March 1984. Covering around 7 hectares, it hosts two plots of land of widely differing shape, topography and usage. This concerned, on the one hand, a group of rectangular blocks lying close to Place Jeanne d'Arc, between Rue Dunois and Rue du Chevaleret, around Passage Chanvin.

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The Gandon-Masséna district (1987-1994)

Renovation of the Gandon – Masséna district is part of a wider programme to redevelop and upgrade the area around Porte d'Italie.

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The Château des Rentiers district

In the 1980s, the Château des Rentiers district hosted a large number of dilapidated constructions, some of which lay vacant. At the time, extensive municipal land was being freed up and the Paris municipality was focused on redeveloping these sites and upgrading amenities and public spaces.

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The Lahire district (1970-1990)

An initial project was adopted in 1971, but following the 1977 revision of Paris urban planning documents, a new PAZ (zone development plan) was approved in 1981. The Lahire ZAC (mixed development zone) covering 12 hectares extends the urban development of the Nationale district.

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