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ISO 140001 Certification

SEMAPA obtained its first ISO 14001 certification on 27 September 2000.

Following a certification renewal audit, conducted on 30 November and 1 December 2009, the ECOPASS company confirmed renewal of the certification for a period of three years (2010 to 2012). This decision consolidated SEMAPA's commitment to these procedures and actions in favour of sustainable development introduced almost 10 years ago.

This new certification presented an opportunity to upgrade SEMAPA's environmental policy and its Environmental Management System (EMS), a move made necessary by the need to adapt to a rapidly changing regulatory and legislative context. It was also a key step to enable account to be taken of the municipality's ambitions in the environmental and sustainable development arena (Charter for SEMs - mixed economy companies - of 10 October 2007, Climate Plan, Agenda 21 in preparation, etc.).

The company's environmental policy now covers all territories where SEMAPA's expertise is brought to bear. On the occasion of renewal of ISO 14001 certification, the environmental analyses were updated in March 2009 for all territories.

Beyond a common base for all operations (energy performances and efficiency, "intelligent" management of rain water and sanitation, etc.), "targets" specific to each of the territories are established in order to anchor the company's environmental policy in a "local" context.

With a view to "evaluation" of these objectives by the Paris municipality, they are linked to those set up by the latter.

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