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SEMAPA becomes an SPLA


Since April 2012, SEMAPA has changed status to become an SPLA (public local development company) and its name now stands for Société d’Etude, de Maitrise d’Ouvrage et d’Aménagement Parisienne or "Parisian development, project ownership and studies company".

The reasons behind this change:

The PLU (local development plan) voted through in November 2010 opened up new options, particularly in terms of high-rise constructions, which was an extremely positive outcome for the Paris Rive Gauche operation. The plan now is to increase the net surface area of the ZAC (mixed development zone), public amenities and acquisitions of public land. Moreover, the provisional date for the end of the operation significantly overruns the actual period of the development agreement.

Against this backdrop, the Paris municipality has decided to adapt SEMAPA's legal status by switching it from an SEM (mixed economy company) to an SPLA. SEMAPA now has an exclusively public shareholding structure which breaks down as follows: Paris municipality 66%, Department of Paris 26% and Ile-de-France region 8%.

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Treize Urbain N°35, décembre 2021 - janvier 2022
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