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Les berges rive gauche de la Seine

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1985: creation of SEMAPA

Since 1985, three operations have been completed by SEMAPA in the 13th arrondissement of Paris, Gandon-Masséna, Chevaleret-Jeane-d’Arc and Château des Rentiers, representing over 2,000 housing units, offices, public amenities (creches, schools, etc.) and commercial outlets.

In 1988, SEMAPA conducted the first studies on the territory of Seine Rive Gauche.

In 1991, the Council of Paris approved the PAZ (zone development plan) for the operation, initially dubbed Seine Rive Gauche before taking the name of Paris Rive Gauche in 1996.

In 1991, following the creation of the Seine Rive Gauche ZAC (mixed development zone), SEMAPA was appointed to spearhead this operation, one of the biggest undertaken in Paris since Baron Haussmann. This vast project covers 130 ha on the banks of the Seine.

In 2004, the Council of Paris designated SEMAPA to oversee development of the "Gare de Rungis" ZAC, a pilot project in terms of sustainable development and also entrusted it with renovation of the "Stadium élargi" sector of the Olympiades district (a GPRU site*), an operation to upgrade a high-density neighbourhood.

In 2005, the Paris municipality entrusted SEMAPA with implementing the development operation for the "Joseph Bédier –Porte d'Ivry" ZAC (a GPRU site), a development combining the challenges of proximity with the ambitions of a gateway into the French capital.

In January 2010, the Paris municipality entrusted SEMAPA with a study for the "definition of an operational programme for the urban restructuring of the Paul-Bourget sector".

April 2012, SEMAPA changes status to become an SPLA (public local development company). Its name stands for Société d’Etude, de Maitrise d’Ouvrage et d’Aménagement Parisienne or "Parisian development, project ownership and studies company".

* Grand projet de renouvellement urbain - major urban renewal project

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