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Les berges rive gauche de la Seine

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About us

In 1985, SEMAPA was created (with the status of a mixed economy company of the city of Paris) at the initiative of the Paris municipality. Since May 2008, its chairman has been Jérôme Coumet, mayor of the 13th arrondissement while Sandrine Morey has served as managing director since the automn of 2016.

In April 2012, SEMAPA changed status to become an SPLA (public local development company) and its name now stands for Société d’Etude, de Maitrise d’Ouvrage et d’Aménagement Parisienne or "Parisian development, project ownership and studies company". SEMAPA now has an exclusively public shareholding structure which breaks down as follows: Paris municipality 66%, Department of Paris 26% and Ile-de-France region 8%.

In 1991, the Paris municipality entrusted SEMAPA with carrying out the biggest redevelopment project in the French capital since the Haussmann plan in the 19th century, Seine Rive Gauche, renamed Paris Rive Gauche in 1996. SEMAPA previously conducted four other urban development operations in the 13th arrondissement: Lahire, Gandon-Massena, Château-des-Rentiers and Chevaleret-Jeanne-d'arc. These operations gave rise to over 3,500 housing units, offices, public amenities (creches, schools) and commercial outlets, etc.

In 2004, the Council of Paris designated SEMAPA to oversee development of the "Gare de Rungis" zone and the "Stadium élargi" sector of the Les Olympiades district. In late 2005, the Paris municipality once again chose SEMAPA to oversee redevelopment of the Bédier-Porte d'Ivry district.

In parallel with its role as developer, as of 2004 SEMAPA and on behalf of the Ile-de-France Region, SEMAPA acted as delegated project owner for construction of the INALCO (National Institute of Oriental Languages and Civilisations) and the Bulac (Languages and Civilisations University Library). Appointed by the Paris municipality, SEMAPA will also build the Sciences and Biology department and Chemistry department of the University Denis Diderot - Paris 7.

To fulfil its missions, SEMAPA calls on around seventy development professionals (financiers, engineers, technicians, architects, urban planners, legal experts, sales people, communication specialists, etc.) responsible for managing the technical and legal aspects of the ZAC (mixed development zone) as well as ensuring dialogue with local associations and residents.


The SEMAPA balance sheet features items relating to development operations and delegated project ownership as well as other elements specifically relating to the "structure" (the SEMAPA company).


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Treize Urbain n°36, juillet-août 2022
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